Cloth Diapering During Travel

We recently went to Kolkata for a 5 days trip during January 2020 and I exclusively cloth diapered my 22 Months, heavy wetting daughter as she is not fully potty trained. Frankly speaking its tough, very tough. But read on to know how I succeeded this challenge.

Though we planned our stay in a serviced apartment, I was apprehensive about having a space to dry the diapers. Luckily the place where we stayed had a balcony facing the sun. My baby being a heavy wetter and kolkata temperatures dropping to about 10 degrees in the night I packed about 8 diapers per day. So on the whole I carried about 16 duets, 6 covers, 12 avivas and 4 trainers pants from

my entire bumpadum cloth diapers stash which I carried for the trip

Carried a separate suitcase for diapers and it weighed about 10kgs. Since the baggage weight was higher, I carried only aviva shells and not the inserts to reduce the weight. 5 wetbags and 8 clutches along with fleece linings, hemp boosters and prefolds were the other accessories which I carried with me.

the whole diaper stash of the trip
wetbags and clutches to store the diapers and trainer pants

Monday : used 7 diapers including the trainer pants. Washed them at 11.30 in the night after reaching kolkata and dried them.

diapers from monday getting dried until tuesday night

Tuesday : used 6 diapers, washed them after returning from our trips to the temples. Previous day diapers were dry by the time we returned. Packed them and stored them.

diapers from tuesday getting dried until wednesday night

Wednesday : used 6 diapers including trainer pants. Washed them in the night and stored the Tuesday’s diapers in the bags.

diapers of wednesday getting dried until thursday night

Thursday : used about 5 diapers as the temperature was higher and stored them in a wetbag. Wednesday diapers were dry when we returned that Night and they were stored.

Friday : used about 3 diapers and 2 trainer pants. All the diapers were given a prewash and was tossed into the washing machine on Saturday.

The diapers of Thursday and Friday were packed in wetbags and clutches and were washed on Saturday morning. NO SMELL, NO LEAK.

My family understood my urge to save earth and they did not say a word for carrying this “extra” 10kgs of weight. They never discouraged me.

used diapers in wetbags and clutches

Cloth diapering a baby while traveling us tough and it has certain disadvantages.

1. Extra weight to be carried

2. Washing and drying during a trip, provided a place is available.

3. If No place is available then the wet diapers are to be brought back which further increases the weight.

4. This weight is an issue if the travel is by aeroplane.

5. Shopping is restricted.

But the advantages are immense

1. The satisfaction that you get while cloth diapering the entire trip, wow, that feel is different and can be felt only when one experiences it.

2. Cloth diapers laundry at the end of the dayis a stress buster.

3. The ” save earth ” feel encourages one to take up such challenges.

4. Highly economical as shopping is totally restricted keeping the weight in mind ( only for aeroplane travels).

5. Get many candid otb shots.

6. People will give a second look at your baby.

7. Have a proud face and walk with so much of pride.

8. Save an immense amount of trash.

9. A proud memory to be cherished and awesome feeling of saving earth which can be shared to the baby as they grow up.

10. A great conversation starter with fellow parents. At some point of time you might wonder if all these are really worth it but trust me it is worth more than this. Not everyone can cloth diaper a baby while traveling and the one who does is a rarest of rarest gem. Feel proud and keep your head high.

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Event Hosting – Nu Shakti fortifiers

I recently arranged and hosted an event single handedly and I simply loved it. But what was the event about??? Read more to know more..

What is a healthy food? Is eating vegetables considered healthy?  Does avoiding rice and wheat considered healthy?

Well in today’s world healthy means impossible. Almost all our food except breast milk is adultered and mixed with many chemicals. We need to choose our food well.

Recently Nu-shakti launched fortifying mixes for the food. I was invited by the brand to explain about their product to fellow moms. So before I could explain about fortifiers to fellow moms, I did a small research on what fortifiers are, how good are they, is it really needed, are they safe, can all take fortifiers?

Getting ready to host the event

The answers were astounding.  I did not blindly rely on google search engine, I had a talk with few doctors and nutritionists.

Fortify –  provide a defensive work as protection against attack.

Fortifiers are nothing but things which protect from any attack. Fortifying mixes are additional nutrients given to a living being – humans and animals to increase the nutrients content in their body and improve their health. All the livestock and animals, especially hens and cows are fed with such fortifying mixes to increase the nutrient content in their eggs and milk. Such mixes are absolutely safe and good. But as humans do we need such mixes?

the participating moms and few brand persons

Well, it is a choice basically. Taking additional nutrients on a day to day basis is good for the health and improves our defence against diseases.

Nu shakti fortifying mixes which contain iron, minerals and vitamins do not alter the taste of the food and enhances the nutrients contents. They have a variety of mixes for uncooked rice, wheat and cooked food apart from the ready to drink juice powder.  Babies as small as 6 months can take these mixes along with their regular food. People who suffer from Thalassemia should refrain from taking such fortifying mixes which has iron content.

The opportunity to introduce such healthy products to fellow moms happened at a Feathers hotel in the city. About 15 moms participated in the event and we had a fun filled session with them. Interacting with the lot was so much fun, apart from the fun we got to know each other. The youngest participant was a 5 months old who came along with his mom and dad for the event. Many of our doubts were clarified by nutritionist as well as the brand representatives. The questions put forth by the mom were brilliant and the answers to such questions were equally satisfying. After an entire session on gyan gathering we were all so brain fried, so a small memory game was conducted for the moms to test their memory and winners were awarded with surprises. Post the event we had a scrumptious lunch which were prepared using the fortifying mixes from Nu- shakti. The food at the hotel was amazing and they had a lot of varieties of food. The moms went back home with a goodie bag from Nu-shakti.

the nutritionist explaining about the importance of nutrients and micronutrients
the entire momgang!

Momspresso and Nu- shakti provided me with a opportunity to conduct and host an event in Chennai, the first of its kind in India. It was such a lovely meet with fellow mom as well. Though i have compeered and hosted events right from school time, getting to host an event for unknown people was little overwhelming but I took off like a pro and im so proud about it. Its amazing when unknown people trust me and hand over the responsibility of conducting, arranging and hosting an event for such a big brand. The USP of the event was that many representatives from the brand end were present during the session and I was able to carry off the event in a successful manner without fretting.

This is such an amazing opportunity for me to explore my other side and looking forward to more such events from Momspresso and other platforms as well!!

nutrition ambassador

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ADVENTURE SPORTS – Safety first, Thrill next

Don’t we all love the adrenaline rush! Don’t we all love it when our heart is pumping fast! But is this feel worth it when our life is at stake? Not really…

The recent death of the Chennai man who was on his honeymoon trip to manali is such a saddening news. The man accidently fell from the paraglider and dropped to hid death in the gorge right before his wifes eyes. Thinking of such a scene sends shivers all throughout the body. Kindly check out the internet for more details on this gruesome accident.

I wanted to share some safety tips which are to be followed while you do any adventure sports. I am no expert in adventure sports but i have done a few and wanted to share some details.

  1. Make sure you know what you are about to do. Google for details about the adventure sports you are about to do.
  2. Analyse what is at stake before doing anything.
  3. Make sure if all the safety precautions are adhered to or not by the professionals who help you with the sport.
  4. Never do anything just for the sake for selfies and pictures which will be uploaded on social media.
  5. Make sure the person who is going to accompany you (pilot/trainer/driver) knows his or her job. Even if you have the slightest doubt back out as nothing is important when your life is at stake.
  6. If you really want to do any adventure sports undergo training under a professional and then do it.
  7. Never do anything under peer pressure or social media pressure or challenge.
  8. Trust your instinct.
  9. Be pessimistic and analyse what could possibly go wrong and find ways to tackle the situation if it happens.
  10. If you are scared to do it, don’t do it under any circumstances.
  11. Never do anything if you have any medical conditions. Consult your doctor before trying any such sports.
  12. Make sure you are insured.
parasailing at Goa – solo and double parasailing with the husband.

Parasailing was at Goa in 2015. I made sure the clips were fastened well and was also mentally prepared to swim in the Arabian sea if I survive the fall from the height. I did not take selfies. I simply enjoyed the calmness at that height and did my favourite whistling from that height. I saw thousands of jellyfishes swimming in the sea. That was the time when lots of jelly fishes came to the western shores of India due to unknown reasons.

pic 1 – getting ready for scuba diving
pic 2 – snorkeling look

Scuba diving and snorkelling happened in 2012 at Andaman islands. We did both the sports at Chidiya tapu under the watchful eyes of the NARCOS team. The water was infested with salt water crocodiles back then but i whole heartedly trusted them while doing the sports. Watching the clown fishes in its own habitat- the anemone was a surreal moment. Snorkelling was much scarier than scuba diving for me. The waters changed colours from aqua blue to black as we swam. I got to see q lot of colourful fishes and it was simply superb.

rafting – instructions,trial and few lessons

Rafting was done at Madekeri river in 2014. The trainer gave us a detailed instructions on  how to manoeuvre to tackle the rough waters. We were trained for about 15-30 minutes. I was also confident with the trainer and we had another lady kayaking beside us to help us in case we fell down from the raft in the turbulent waters. Since i know swimming it was confident to do this sport.

There are few sports which are yet to be done by me

  1. Bungee jumping
  2. Skiing
  3. Zorbing
  4. Paragliding
  5. Parachuting

Stay safe and have fun!! Share your adventure sports experiences in the comments below!!

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High on Fashion

Fashion is always synonymous with clothes.  Kids are always synonymous with fun. When we have an amalgamation of clothes, kids, fashion and fun it is an absolute treat to the eyes. 

Junior fashion week recently unveiled the new autumn-winter collection of few international brands at Westin, Velachery, Chennai. This is an edutainment program for the kids. Not only they have entertainment but also they are educated about etiquettes, posing and attitude. The JFW Showcase was a remarkable occurrence in the contemporary kids’ fashion fraternity showcasing a superfluity of global kids-wear brands encompassing brands like- U. S. Polo Assn. Kids, Hugo BOSS ,DKNY, The Children’s Place, Little Marc Jacobs, Flying Machine Boyzone, Timberland and Billieblush.

Billie blush collections

Junior’s Fashion Week is an elite platform for kids. It showcases the gentry of kids’ apparels, footwear, accessories and everything else for kids from four to fourteen years. The final showcase is preceded by ` The JFW workshops are graced by renowned show directors whose lessons provide the little ones with a fun-filled experience to invade the kids modeling industry by prepping their personalities and assimilating their enthusiasm towards flawlessness. The workshops aid the aspiring child models with the knowledge and comfort to walk the ramp with confidence and face the camera with utter nonchalance. The kids weren’t the professional models but regular children who were chosen through normal registration process.

Boss collections

Education is a must, but finding out other talents and interests come from such extra-curricular activities. The children can focus on their career with such amazing opportunities provided to them. They can decide upon their future and start working towards it. Such edutainment events are a must in the recent times. JFW is doing a great job of collaborating with such brands and moulding the kids in accordance with the clothes collection. The kids also keep up to such high expectations. The choreography, sounds, lights, make up were so apt for each and every child who walked the ramp with the clothes and accessories. Intended to expand an opulent audience’s brand awareness, JFW brings the genuine embodiment of brands to the forefront. JFW works with distinguished brands, emerging brands and provides a diving board for fresh launches. The JFW shows put a spell of charm on its attendees that carries numerous advantages for the brands. It acquaints the market with potential buyers and experts with the objective of rampant promotion and branding. The showcase stands to be an edutainment platform for the little ones who anticipate a fashion adept environment and experience the thrill of walking on the runway as a child model. JFW is the Holy Grail for the youthful lovely individuals of the world. Each season JFW puts forward the trend forecasts of the upcoming season established brands and sprouting brands that are persistent with kids’ fashion and way of lifestyle. JFW comprehends the specialty of individual associates and connects with the contending audiences comparatively. Each brand’s needs are unique and JFW identifies with their needs in an organized and well chalked out manner.

DKNY collections

The kids who walked the ramp made their parents proud and were not flinched by the presence of so many people, lights and camera. The confidence in them was amazing. The collections of the brands were also equally supporting the kids. I especially loved the clothes collection for the girls and cannot wait to buy them for my Little one.

Flying Machine Boyzone Collections
Little Marc Jacobs collection

JFW is all suited up for the Autumn-Winter ’19 season. The children’s wear industry is ready to greet the prolific trends of the coming season with open arms at the JFW Chennai grandstand. The Runway Showcase took place on 18th of August 2019, which was preceded by the workshop on 17th August at The Westin, Chennai.  The majestic JFW Runway Showcase certainly left the audiences spellbound.

Timberland Collections
The Children’s Place Collection

Do check out the collections of these international brands and stay with the current trend. Also check out for regular updates !


My Best Teacher

Teachers are the most important person in anyone’s life. Teachers have the ability to change a person. That teacher can be anyone. My first teacher are my parents but my best teacher is..

My baby girl DHEERASENA!!

Such a small human but gives the best lessons. She has taught me patience, tolerance, endurance, agility, ability to multitask things, control my anger, control my emotions. She does what she sees. If she sees me doing anything she emulates me. I have to be cautious in my actions. I also inform my family members to talk and act with caution.

I was astonished when she threw the waste into the bin few months back and that was the major turning point in our lives to understand our actions. She never ceases to surprise us.

Small actions such as

  1. wearing an helmet when I leave the house
  2. throwing the waste into the bin
  3. arranging the toys back in their place
  4. placing the books in their place
  5. folding up clothes and stacking them in the shelves
  6. brushing the teeth twice
  7. not picking the nose in front of her
  8. removing the footwear outside the house
  9. respecting the food and not wasting them
  10. not wasting water
  11. avoiding the usage of plastic
  12. talk about sustainability on a daily basis
  13. using proper vocabulary and words
  14. talking to extended family members with respect
  15. treating all the animals with utmost love and care
  16. showering love to the plants and trees
  17. eating healthy fruits and vegetables
  18. avoiding junk foods
  19. playing good games ( I recently read a post by a mom who used to play shooting games with her son and was talking about how they will shoot the shopkeeper as he did not give the things which the boy asked for – from my perspective that’s very bad parenting, I will never want to shoot someone even in a game if they don’t give things which I desire. Anti social elements are created by such parenting)
  20. inculcate the habit of reading books by reading actual books out loud with her
  21. punish when a mistake is done – we enact such things to make her understand that it’s a mistake and it’s not to be repeated
  22. have empathy towards the needy
  23. being strong and clear minded
  24. obey the rules while riding and driving
  25. appreciate , appreciate, appreciate whenever a good thing is done!!
  26. Never to body shame anyone, so I make sure that none of us pass comments on anyone’s dressing, appearance or looks.
  27. being compassionate towards others
  28. never blaming others – person or things for the mistake of hers. My grandma hits the objects when she gets hurt. This sends a wrong message to the little one. So I try to restrict that attitude being reflected on her.

And much more…

For all this to happen I have to practice them all. She has made me realize that all problems can take a back seat and enjoy life as it is. Such a strong mantra from a small human.

Practice before it reaches
I have to practice before it reaches her. There is no necessity to preach. I must be an example for her. I have to be for what I want her to be.
She is my best teacher.


me with my teacher on my 29th bday!

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