My Best Teacher

Teachers are the most important person in anyone’s life. Teachers have the ability to change a person. That teacher can be anyone. My first teacher are my parents but my best teacher is..

My baby girl DHEERASENA!!

Such a small human but gives the best lessons. She has taught me patience, tolerance, endurance, agility, ability to multitask things, control my anger, control my emotions. She does what she sees. If she sees me doing anything she emulates me. I have to be cautious in my actions. I also inform my family members to talk and act with caution.

I was astonished when she threw the waste into the bin few months back and that was the major turning point in our lives to understand our actions. She never ceases to surprise us.

Small actions such as

  1. wearing an helmet when I leave the house
  2. throwing the waste into the bin
  3. arranging the toys back in their place
  4. placing the books in their place
  5. folding up clothes and stacking them in the shelves
  6. brushing the teeth twice
  7. not picking the nose in front of her
  8. removing the footwear outside the house
  9. respecting the food and not wasting them
  10. not wasting water
  11. avoiding the usage of plastic
  12. talk about sustainability on a daily basis
  13. using proper vocabulary and words
  14. talking to extended family members with respect
  15. treating all the animals with utmost love and care
  16. showering love to the plants and trees
  17. eating healthy fruits and vegetables
  18. avoiding junk foods
  19. playing good games ( I recently read a post by a mom who used to play shooting games with her son and was talking about how they will shoot the shopkeeper as he did not give the things which the boy asked for – from my perspective that’s very bad parenting, I will never want to shoot someone even in a game if they don’t give things which I desire. Anti social elements are created by such parenting)
  20. inculcate the habit of reading books by reading actual books out loud with her
  21. punish when a mistake is done – we enact such things to make her understand that it’s a mistake and it’s not to be repeated
  22. have empathy towards the needy
  23. being strong and clear minded
  24. obey the rules while riding and driving
  25. appreciate , appreciate, appreciate whenever a good thing is done!!
  26. Never to body shame anyone, so I make sure that none of us pass comments on anyone’s dressing, appearance or looks.
  27. being compassionate towards others
  28. never blaming others – person or things for the mistake of hers. My grandma hits the objects when she gets hurt. This sends a wrong message to the little one. So I try to restrict that attitude being reflected on her.

And much more…

For all this to happen I have to practice them all. She has made me realize that all problems can take a back seat and enjoy life as it is. Such a strong mantra from a small human.

Practice before it reaches
I have to practice before it reaches her. There is no necessity to preach. I must be an example for her. I have to be for what I want her to be.
She is my best teacher.


me with my teacher on my 29th bday!

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